Simple, Easy Pricing

We charge a 15% commission fee on the total price of the sale
(not including postage), plus 99c per transaction.


We provide a simple, easy to understand pricing structure. So both us and our clients can focus on what they do best to grow their business.


  • 5% For Beers & Spirits
  • 15% For Wines

Transaction Fee

99  cAUD

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

No Studio Fees.

Free Product & Stock Photography

Our studio team will provide professional product photography
for your e-commerce store.

Unlimited Rights

$15 Per Photo

Own your catalog photos with unlimited rights.

  • Full Ownership Rights
  • Use Anywhere
  • Edit Freely
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Use On MoonShine Platform


No worries about upfront payments, we'll take care of it.

  • Unlimited Use On Moonshine Platform
  • In-House Catalog Manager
  • Free Photography
  • Free Editing
  • No Complex Licence Management
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Frequently asked questions

How is the pricing structured for using the e-commerce platform?

Our pricing model includes a commission rate applied only to the total sales price of the products, excluding postage. The commission rates are 5% for beers and spirits and 15% for wines. Additionally, each transaction incurs a fixed fee of 99 cents.

Why are commission rates different for beers, spirits, and wines?

The differentiated commission rates reflect the typical industry margins and market dynamics for each category. This ensures a fair and competitive pricing structure for all types of products. Beer is heavy and needs to be cooled, and spirits require more manufacturing stages.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. The commission rate and transaction fee are the only charges applied to the total sales price of the products, excluding postage.

What about hosting fees?

You will need to cover your yearly hosting fees of $240 USD a year, plus usage. We optimize your website as much as possible to reduce these fees, which are, in most cases, non-existent or reasonable based on business demand.

How are fees deducted from sales?

Fees are automatically deducted from the sales amount. The commission and transaction fee are calculated based on the total price of the products sold, and the remaining balance is credited to your account.

Can I get a detailed breakdown of fees for my records?

Yes. You can access and download a detailed breakdown of all transactions and associated fees from the North Star admin console on our agency website or the sign-in page.

Is there a minimum sales threshold for using the platform?

No, there is no minimum sales threshold. Our platform is designed to accommodate liquor stores of all sizes and sales volumes.

How frequently are payments processed and transferred?

Payments are typically processed and transferred to your account on a weekly or monthly basis, based on your preferred schedule set in the admin settings.

Are commission rates negotiable based on volume or duration of partnership?

We value our partners and are open to discussing adjusted commission rates for high-volume sellers or long-term partnerships. Please contact us to discuss any potential adjustments.

Will I be notified of any changes to the pricing structure?

Yes, we commit to transparency and will communicate any changes to the pricing structure well in advance, giving you ample time to understand and adapt.

Do you plan on increasing the price in the future?

Generally, no. Any price increase would be a last resort and a necessity. We aim to stay competitive and provide the best value for our clients. We will always communicate any changes well in advance.