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Save tens of thousands in design and web development costs with easy
setup, management, and legal compliance.

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Build Your E-Commerce Liquor Store With MoonShine

Recieve ongoing updates and new features to ensure your store is always improving and best in class. We provide free store management, development, and marketing.

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Current And Upcoming Features.

MoonShine's Features

We are always looking to improve our platform and add industry leading
capabilities to help your business grow.

Headless E-commerce
Seamlessly integrate with multiple front-end solutions to provide a robust, flexible shopping experience tailored to the unique needs of your liquor store.
Favourites Pre-Cart
Allow users to mark their favourite products, aiding their decision-making and enhancing the shopping experience with a more personalised touch.
Convenience Pricing
Help customers compare prices effectively by showing the cost per 100g or 1000g, enabling them to determine the best value.
Product Metadata
Provide enhanced product details, including allergens, country of origin, and organic status, for quick information access and confident purchasing decisions.
Dynamic Navigation
Streamline the shopping experience with dynamic navigation; updates to collections and store tags on the backend are instantly reflected on your storefront.
Promotional Sections
Highlight new arrivals, special discounts, and seasonal collections to engage customers and promote timely offers. Easily update content with the Sanity headless CMS.
Manage large inventories efficiently with a user-friendly pagination system, allowing customers to browse your selection easily without impacting website performance.
Product Filter
Enable customers to quickly find what they're looking for with customisable filters for origin, price, vegan options, and more. Ideal for grocers and supermarkets.
Offers Badges
Draw attention to special deals and top products with badges on product cards and pages, encouraging quicker purchase decisions and fostering trust.
Site Analytics
Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, popular products, and sales trends to continually optimise your store. Stay ahead with high-powered analytics.
Site Search Bar
Connect customers instantly to their desired products with a powerful search tool, increasing satisfaction and sales. Essential for this industry.
Postage Calculator
Offer customers transparent, real-time shipping costs to eliminate surprises at checkout. Clearly communicate what they are paying for.
Compliance Manager
Automate regional restrictions, and all other legal requirements, keeping your store compliant and secure no matter where you are.
Free Pro Photography
Enhance your product display with professional-grade photographs, enticing customers with high-quality visuals of meats, fresh produce, breads, and more.
Delivery Driver App
Optimise deliveries with an app designed for driver efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely delivery of products.

Simple, Easy Pricing

We charge a 15% commission fee on the total price of the sale
(not including postage), plus 99c per transaction.


We provide a simple, easy to understand pricing structure. So both us and our clients can focus on what they do best to grow their business.


  • 5% For Beers & Spirits
  • 15% For Wines

Transaction Fee

99  cAUD

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

Frequently asked questions

How does the onboarding process work for new stores?

New stores can sign up via a meeting with our director. Once registered, they are guided on how to send their products to our studio for high-quality photography and data entry. After the images are received, we build you a personalised e-commerce store with various features tailored to your demographic and capacity free of charge.

How are the products photographed?

Products are sent to our professional studio, where they are photographed to highlight their quality and appeal. We ensure each product is presented in the best light to attract customers.

What is the cost of setting up an e-commerce store?

Nothing, it's on us. We provide the design, development, technology, and marketing services free of charge. We will even do your logo and branding for you.

How long does it take to set up the e-commerce store?

It depends on how many photos need to be taken, but generally, the setup is designed to be very fast and seamless due to the scalable nature of our business.

How do you ensure the age verification process complies with local laws?

Our platform includes different age verification systems and mandatory documentation for failed deliveries, depending on your region, to comply with local regulations. We focus on providing legal compliance without overloading different regions with too many unnecessary safety nets.

Can I integrate my existing inventory management system with the e-commerce platform?

Yes, if you sell with Shopify, you absolutely can. We offer Shopify integration into your physical store if that's something you would like. Some choose to have two separate inventories, some choose to keep the physical and e-commerce store as one. We can work with whatever you prefer.

How are orders processed and fulfilled?

Orders are processed through the platform's checkout system. Store owners can then fulfill the orders according to their preferred shipping method. We also provide options for integration with various shipping carriers and fulfillment services.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

We offer fantastic customer support via phone, email, and online chat. If there are any issues or questions, we attend to them promptly. Site bugs are patched as soon as possible, and we are always looking to improve our platform.

How does the platform handle returns and refunds?

The platform includes a customizable return policy section. Store owners can set their return and refund policies, and the system will guide customers through the process if needed.

What are my responsibilities as a store owner?

The only things we ask you to take care of are the management of inventory, dispatching of products, as well as serving them at an appropriate temperature when it's expected to do so.