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We sell liquor on your behalf, with easy
setup and management, and legal compliance.

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MoonShine's Features

We provide ongoing developement and support to help you grow your business. We're always adding new features and improving existing ones. We're also happy to take requests.

Headless Ecommerce.
Seamlessly integrate with multiple front-end solutions to provide a robust, flexible shopping experience tailored for the unique needs of your liquor store.
Favourites Pre-Cart.
Allow users to heart their favourite products to help them decide on what they want, making their shopping experience smoother and more personalised.
Bundle Pricing.
Offer special pricing on curated bundles of wines, spirits, and beers to encourage larger purchases and save money on high-volume sales.
Product Metadata.
Enhanced product details including origin, tasting notes, and pairings to educate and entice customers, driving informed purchases as well as powering custom features.
Dynamic Navigation.
Streamline the shopping experience with dynamic navigation; backend updates to collections and store tags are instantly reflected on your storefront.
Promotional Sections.
Highlight new arrivals, special discounts, and seasonal collections to engage customers and promote timely offers. Easily update content with the Sanity headless CMS.
Efficiently manage large inventories with a user-friendly pagination system, allowing customers to browse your selection with ease without slowing down your website.
Product Filter.
Enable customers to find exactly what they're looking for with customisable filters for type, price, wine body, and more. Designed for liquor e-commerce in mind.
Offers Badges.
Attract attention to special deals and stellar products with badges on product cards and pages, encouraging quicker purchase decisions and building trust.
Site Analytics.
Gather valuable insights on customer behaviour, popular products, and sales trends to continuously optimise your store. Stay in front with high-powered analytics.
Site Search Bar.
Instantly connect customers to their desired and favourite products with a powerful search bar tool, enhancing satisfaction and sales. A must for large stores.
Postage Calculator.
Provide customers with transparent, real-time shipping costs, ensuring there are no surprises at checkout. Let customers know exactly what they're paying for.
Compliance Manager.
Automatically handle age verification and documentation, regional restrictions, and other legal requirements, keeping your store compliant and legally secure.
Free Pro Photography.
Showcase your products with professional-grade photos, enticing customers with high-quality visuals of your spirits, beers, and wines. Free for all stores.
Delivery Driver App.
Streamline deliveries with an integrated app designed to help drivers navigate quickly, ensuring satisfaction as well as mandatory compliance.