Compliance & Regulation:

We provide a complete solution for managing the legal aspects of running your online liquor store. Ensure that every transaction is lawful and that you are protected from legal liability.

In House Tools For Easy Online Compliance

Our software automatically detects the location of your store and the delivery address for each order, and applies the relevant compliance rules for that region.

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No Stress Updates.
We are always checking relevant laws in your state and building features to make sure compliance is automatic and up to date with current standards.
Download Your Records.
Download any saved records with our in-house admin tool. All data is collected in a safe and secure way to ensure privacy.
Receive Reminders For Submission.
We will remind you when you need to submit data to any government bodies and provide links and instructions for submission.

Maintain Full Control.

Northstar: our enterprise management software.

Manage all aspects of your online liquor store with our custom enterprise management software. Northstar is a complete solution for managing your store's inventory, orders, customers, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the compliance feature work?

Our software automatically detects your store's location and the delivery destination for each order. Based on this information, it applies the relevant legal and compliance rules for alcohol sales in that particular region of Australia or New Zealand, ensuring that every transaction is lawful.

What kind of data does the compliance feature track?

The feature tracks necessary data such as customer age verification, quantity limits, transaction timestamps, and any other region-specific requirements. This data is essential for adhering to local alcohol sales regulations.

How often is the compliance information updated?

We regularly update compliance rules to reflect the latest regulations. We have tools that monitor changes in law across all Australian and New Zealand states to ensure the software remains up to date.

Can I download the compliance reports for my records?

Yes, you can easily download detailed compliance reports from the Northstar admin console on our agency's website or the sign-in page via this site. These reports can be used for your records, audits, legal inquiries, and required government submissions.

What happens if there's a dispute or legal issue?

In the case of a dispute or legal issue, you can refer to the compliance data and reports generated by our software as evidence of due diligence. We also provide support in understanding the data and, if necessary, can offer access to legal consultation through our partners.

How does the software handle different compliance rules for different products?

Our software is programmed to recognize different types of liquor products and apply the appropriate compliance rules based on the product type, quantity, and regional regulations.

What if I operate stores in multiple regions with different laws?

Our software is capable of managing multiple stores in different regions, each with its own set of compliance rules. It ensures that each transaction is compliant with the local laws applicable to the store's location and the delivery address.

Is the compliance feature mandatory for all stores using the platform?

Yes, to ensure legal integrity and the safety of all parties involved, the compliance feature is a mandatory aspect of our platform for all Australian and New Zealand stores.

How do you ensure customer privacy while collecting compliance data?

We adhere to strict privacy policies and use encryption to protect all data collected. Personal information is only used for compliance purposes and is not shared without consent.

Can I customise the compliance settings for my store?

The core compliance settings are based on legal requirements and are not customisable to ensure adherence to the law. However, if there are additional or optional compliance measures you wish to implement, we can discuss how to incorporate those into your setup.